What We Believe

Everyone is looking for the newest, easiest ‘silver bullet’ for recruiting, retaining and developing top talent. We believe companies of the future need a NEW, high-touch and holistic approach. We believe in recruiting through experience, empowering employees and breaking down silos to build a top notch culture and destination workplace. Put simply our mission is to change the way people connect. Only companies, municipalities and organizations that seek to do things differently, start a movement and make change in their physical place work with us. Our methodology depends on the following framework: Experiences influence Beliefs > Beliefs change Actions > Action create Results

We call the combination of these efforts social architecture: the conscious design of an environment that shifts the behaviors of a population toward a goal or a set of goals.

What We Do

Workforce Engagement | Connect talent to careers & companies to talent pools
Community Engagement | Create signature experiences that connect people to place
Economic Development | Build inclusive place based projects that drive innovation

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Phone: 414-273-1386
Address: 161 W. Wisconsin Avenue #16 Milwaukee, Wi 53203

NEWaukee Services

Destination Workplace Project | Timeline: 36 Months

A 3-year strategic plan to set up the collaborative infrastructure to become a workplace destination. This comprehensive strategy will focus on cross department partnerships between human resources, communications, marketing and specific businesses units. We will make sure talent management is part of the business culture.

Analyze, evaluate, design and implement detailed strategy & solutions around: Onboarding, employer branding, experiential recruiting, referrals, employee engagement, retention, team building and productivity, employee development, boomerangs, placemaking and innovation in the workplace.

Talent Pipeline Project | Timeline: 24 Months

Are looking to focus on a specific talent need? We have created extensive solutions that build sustainable pipeline of candidates. Our method is creating unique experiences and projects that engage talent and involve them in the process.

Analyze, evaluate, design and implement detailed strategy & solutions around: Employer branding, experiential recruiting and building sustainable networks

Employer Branding and/or Employee Engagement Project | Timeline: 1 – 12 months

Whether it’s an experience that aligns with your values or an event that invests in community we have you covered. We will work with your team to build out a customized plan to not only to position your brand online and in person and turn your employees into walking billboards.

Analyze, evaluate, design and implement detailed strategy & solutions around: Employer branding and internal experiences to engage employee and built trust

Collaborative Design Session that Leads to Ah-Ha Moments | Project Timeline: 1 – 2 Days

Don’t see something you like on the line up, but still want to work with us? Whether you are looking for thought work, leadership development or new initiatives that build trust, create culture, or get everyone on board, let us help you design it and build out a roadmap for implementation.