What We Believe

Everyone is looking for the newest, easiest ‘silver bullet’ for recruiting and retaining top talent. We believe companies of the future need a NEW, high-touch approach. With NEWaukee’s Talent Lifecycle, we list your job openings on our website and blast them out to our 202K+ subscribers. Once the position is filled, the newly hired employee enters into a yearlong community engagement program that is customized to their interests. At the end of the year, not only will your employee feel connected to your company, but they also will be vested fully in the community.

Some companies only need support on one of these focus areas and we are happy to help your established teams expand their resources. We find the strongest results with companies who leverage the full talent lifecycle with NEWaukee for their talent needs. Each program is customized and optimized for the company’s brand and current hiring requirements. Below you’ll find more information about each of these focus areas and examples of past clients with whom we have worked.

We call the combination of these efforts social architecture: the conscious design of an environment that shifts the behaviors of a population toward a goal or a set of goals.

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NEWaukee Services


Before you find the right fit for your talent pool, people need to know what what it means to work for you. Whether it’s an experience that aligns with your values or an event that invests in community, we have you covered. We will work with your team to build out a customized plan to not only to position your brand online and in-person, but turn your employees into walking billboards.

Community Events, Programs, & Projects | A customized plan that integrates a company’s employer value proposition both online and in-person at the 100+ public opportunities NEWaukee hosts annually.

NEWaukee Job Network | Leverage NEWaukee’s 202K+ curated network and heavily trafficked website to showcase what it means to work for you.


EXPERIENTIAL RECRUITING                                         

Are you looking to focus on a specific talent need? We have created extensive solutions that build a sustainable pipeline of candidates. Our method is to create unique experiences and projects that engage talent while involving them in the process.

Milwaukee Concierge & Relocation Services | A one-on-one custom Milwaukee concierge and relocation service for executive candidates.

Make it in Milwaukee Program | A proactive approach to attracting people to Milwaukee by building an immersive 3-day experience for job shadowing and interviewing as well as community exhibition.



NEWaukee has mastered engagement in the last decade. We work with employee populations within all industries to ensure they are highly engaged with one another and the community at large.

ChooseMKE Program | A program designed to get new employees and interns engaged in the city by providing multiple activation points.

Employee Resource Group Development | ERGs are regularly used as engagement mechanisms for employee populations. NEWaukee designs and activates programs for companies.

Talent Accelerator | A pipeline that creates access, awareness, and opportunities for digital engineering talent that will work in southeastern Wisconsin to ensure their leadership in the digital economy.



NEWaukee has designed meaningful experiential learning programs that accelerate hard and soft skills.