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To have us train you on the theory of social architecture and how it relates to your workforce or community development needs, contact us to host a talk, workshop or strategic planning session. Our team has experience in employer branding, experiential recruiting, talent engagement and creative placemaking.

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About NEWaukee:

NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in community-based signature experiences centered on high-profile issues of importance for the city of Milwaukee. Social architecture is defined as the conscious design of an environment that encourages a desired range of social behaviors leading towards a goal or set of goals.

Our expertise in engagement fuels our ability to produce hundreds of programs and initiatives every year that motivate Milwaukeeans to look critically at the city in which we live, to realize its potential and to empower folks to shape a city of which we all want to be a part. NEWaukee is known for its grassroots approach to community experiences. The practice of social architecture requires sincere thoughtfulness about inclusion and deep investment in network development prior to the production of a new event or program. The result of this style of working allows for meaningful buy-in from key constituents as well as high event attendance with limited traditional marketing spends. It also results in some of the most diverse and inclusive programming that city of Milwaukee has to offer. Our approach ensures that all feel welcome and included in the experiences we create.

In order to successfully produce NEWaukee’s events and programs, we have professional experience in the website development, marketing services, network and audience development.

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