Recap: True North


June 24th’s True North event was the best transition from zen to fast paced that I’ve seen recently.  My morning at Urban Park started at 7am with transferring tables, writing chalk messages, and setting up the registration tent.  The wind whipped us around, which caused pens and flyers to blow away a couple times, but besides that, the morning felt pretty seamless.  We actually had some down time before the event and I got to chat it up with the yoga instructor, Meg Vetting, and learn about her travels to India.  

At the start of True North, I was so surprised that many people arrived significantly early.  After getting everyone situated, I played photographer.  At NEWaukee, everyone truly does everything to pitch in.  After Saturday, I’m considering adding photojournalist to my resume!  It was fun to be in the midst of everyone in their calmest states.  DJ Analog’s played serene music and paired with Meg’s soothing instructions, I was ready to go into a napping asana pose.  Everyone tried their best to do every pose and she encouraged being kind to yourself and knowing limits.  Although the class was geared towards beginners, one woman in the front was adding advanced movements.  I was impressed, as it would take me a long time to achieve some of the moves she was doing.

After the yoga and meditation, we moved on to what I thought was the most fun part: self-defense lessons.  The music became upbeat and everybody was getting into the action.  With the help of instructors on the stage and amongst the attendees, we learned about strategically watching your surroundings, using our hard points of our body to attack soft points, and so much more.  I think that everyone who attended gained useful information and we danced and laughed along the way.

DJ Analog kept the beats going after all of the sessions were over and plenty of people stayed late just to dance and enjoy themselves.  Samples of juice from the Juice Kitchen were flowing and healthy snacks from Stone Creek moved quickly.  My personal favorite snack was the mocha chocolate chip scone, which is honestly not something I would have tried on my own accord.  In the end, everyone had a great time and a lot of people hoped to see it become a regular event.  We are excited to keep it going and grow it to its fullest potential.




-Alyssa Cuffie