The Wrong Call


We made the wrong call yesterday. Plain and simple. The flash flooding was pouring away in the morning as we arrived at the office, the radar for the rest of day looked ominous and vendors were calling every couple of minutes to cancel for fear of their products being damaged by wind or rain.

Due to the large scale of the event, we have to begin the street closure and load-in at noon. Normally, we make the final call about canceling or pushing forward the night before. But we chose to hold out on the decision til 9am, hoping the forecast would clear up. 9am came and went as we debated for an hour and a half, pulling up every weather application we could find, which each showed severe storms throughout the afternoon and evening. By 10:45am we made the call to not risk it for fear of low vendor turn out, light crowds and the safety of the program participants.

It was a mistake and we are so sorry we opted not to move forward. We are embarrassed by how wrong we were and how lovely the weather was last night. It would have been a gorgeous event.

We have reached out to the city to see if an additional street closure date is feasible as rain date and it is not. From the city’s perspective, setting a postponement date would require a brand new permit, and to be frank, we do not have the funds to pursue that option, as the budget for this event is already pre-allocated and spent for the season.

We are so sorry to have disappointed anyone coming from near and far to enjoy the market. We promise to make it up to you next month. Thank you so much for understanding how difficult this decision was for us and how terribly we feel now for having made the wrong call.

We hope to see you again soon at one of our many programs left for the season:

7/19: HATCH in Marshfield
7/21: Art Bus
8/4: Urban Island Beach Party
8/16: August Night Market
8/19: SplashBash!
8/30: 7Bridges BBQ: More info coming soon!
9/9: Milwaukee Tour (for Milwaukeeans) More info coming soon!
9/13: September Night Market