Talent Engagement Tutorials: Part 1 – 4


As NEWaukee continues to expand its work with young professional organizations across the country, we have developed several tutorials to help groups get their programs started, streamlined and highly productive. Check out the first four videos of this new series now!

The 10 Mistake Everyone Makes when Starting a YP Group

Before your organization decides to launch a young professional organization, learn a bit about the common pitfalls and challenges we’ve seen groups overcome.

Programming 101: Basic Design for Every YP Group

As you begin to design programs for your members, here are some helpful tips on keeping your process organized and on point.

Communication 101: Basic Marketing a YP Group

Once your programs are designed and planned, how do you get people to come to them? Here are some helpful tips on marketing your organization and programs.

Asset Mapping Your Community

Thinking outside the box can be hard, we advocate that you view your whole community as a blank canvas with unique assets. Find out how to combine those assets into new and engaging programs.

Tutorial worksheets:

Supporting materials for each of these videos can be downloaded here.