Susannah Lago


Senior Corporate Relations at Palermo’s Pizza

Years of service at Palermo’s: 4+

What makes your role great?
I love that I’m able to be involved in so many different things at Palermo’s from special events and factory tours, to stewardship opportunities and corporate sponsorships. One of my current projects is the launch of Palermo’s new food truck! The thing I like best about my role is that I get to build relationships within our local community – with schools, corporations, small businesses, sponsors, partners and even local families. I enjoy helping to create brand loyalty and delivering a great pizza experience. My role is very hands on.

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and what brought you here?
Growing up, my dad lived on the East Side and Third Ward and my mom in Bayside and Mequon. It was great because I got to spend time in all of those places. My family’s roots have been in Milwaukee for a while. In fact, my dad’s childhood home on Summit Avenue by UWM is still in the family. After high school, I moved to Chicago for college and then later moved to Argentina to work abroad. Years passed, but eventually I ended up right back where I started – Milwaukee, WI – and brought my Argentine husband with me! Milwaukee has that effect on people; it’s magnetic. I decided to come back to Milwaukee after those years because it provided me and my husband with professional and educational opportunities in an affordable city with amazing energy.

What neighborhood do you live in and why do you love it?
Wauwatosa. I love that it’s an urban suburb with a downtown area and fabulous restaurants and shopping. The parks and family friendly vibe are also a nice perk.

What do you love most about Milwaukee?
Milwaukee = Home. That’s what I love the most. It’s where I’m from, it’s who I am. I also feel lucky to have family close by that have also have a passion for our city. We explore new things in Milwaukee together, especially everything artsy, multicultural and tasty!

What is your favorite Milwaukee tradition?
The Harley-Davidson homecomings for the anniversaries every 5 years. I feel so proud of Milwaukee with all the bikes coming in, the noise, the signs that local businesses put up welcoming bikers. It’s a great boost for us.