Sean Lowe


Where do you work and what makes your role awesome?
I work at Northwestern Mutual as an Investment Client Services Specialist. It is great to work for a company that cares so much about its policyholders and its employees. My role allows me to ensure our clients annuity products are given world class service.

What do you love most about your city?
I love the different festivals during the Summer, our beautiful lakefront, and the incredible homegrown and transplant talent that we have in the city.

What is something that is missing from your community that you would love to see implemented?
An Ikea, a streetcar and a new basketball arena-but don’t worry all are coming soon! 🙂

Where do you see your city in 5 years?
More populated and a destination place for millennials

If you could create one thing in your city, what would it be?
More diverse neighborhoods.

What is your biggest hope for your city?
As President of the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals, my biggest hope is that all millennials and Gen Xers continue to understand the importance of giving back and taking leadership roles within the city.

What is your city’s favorite tradition?
The Polar Bear plunge perhaps? Something you may see me watching from afar, as in on TV lol.