Recap: Down Under Disco


Friday, June 23 was the first-ever Down Under Disco.  As the name suggests, we partied down under a bridge featuring primarily disco music.  Upon my arrival, about two hours ahead of the start, I noticed the atmosphere Containers Up had created was so fun and inviting.  The colorful, unique containers were already filled with people drinking and laughing.  Once the party started, people began dancing on top of them!  As someone who was physically inside one of those containers while they danced, I was a little scared from the shakiness.  But, it was all good vibes and I’m sure being up there gave an excellent view of the area and a VIP feel.  

Once the music started under the bridge, there were only two people dancing, but they didn’t care!  They took the risk to have fun by themselves and made the most of the space provided.  Soon enough, the onlookers became dancers and the party really got started.  DJ Romke and his son, Joaquin, played all the classic disco hits with their respective music videos playing on a screen overhead, which made me realize that I know so many more groovy songs than I thought.

We saw every walk of life dancing together.  People belted out the lyrics to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and stayed on beat with the YMCA song.  Even the Fred Astaire dancers got into the fun after their performance by dancing with community members — NEWaukee’s own Alessandra danced with one of them.

Besides the dancing, I loved watching people enjoy the swings!  As it was my first time at Swing Park, I took a few swings for a ride myself before and during the disco.  A couple times, people went over our tent when getting higher and a couple people actually hit our tent.  Another guy managed to touch his toes to the ceiling of the bridge from a swing.  Everyone was playful and smiling, and with up to five hundred people in attendance, the Down Under Disco is an event that will go down in history as a NEWaukee favorite.


-Alyssa Cuffie