72 Initiative

Welcome to the 72 Initiative!

Our BIG, Audacious Goal:

To reverse the migration of talent for the state of Wisconsin.

The Current State of Talent:

More people move out of Wisconsin than move to Wisconsin.
The Future Wisconsin Project has found the inconsistent state brand as well as the lack of access and awareness to the unique attributes of the state impede our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest.
Wisconsin is the only state in the country with a statewide YPWeek, a millennial attraction, development & engagement platform.

What We’ve Achieved So Far:

After two years of successful expansion of YPWeek, we’ve built the nation’s largest millennial talent network. But that’s only just the beginning! Currently YPWeek showcases 25 communities and our intention is to include all 72 Wisconsin counties, hence the 72 Initiative!

As the 72 Initiative grows, we plan to expand the peer network and annual celebration to include the following:

— Learning institute for emerging and established leaders to share best practices with their peers from across the state
— Excursion trips to fortify relationships and to experience best practices in action within different communities
— Resource guide for potential and current residents to find what they need to begin their careers and invest in their communities

How do we begin to tackle our big, audacious goal? Join us at the 2017 YPSummit.

YPSummit Logo

Bridging the gap between generations

We have all heard about the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers and the (infamous) Millennials. Yes, there are distinctions in the way each generation desires to live, work and play. But we all have something in common – we’ve chosen Wisconsin as our home. Thus, we need to work together to ensure our state stays competitive and attractive for future generations.

The YPSummit offers an opportunity for emerging and established leadership to build a united vision for their communities. This two-day symposium invites municipal, chamber of commerce, economic development and young professional leaders to work as a team on a collaborative action plan for talent attraction, development and retention strategies designed specifically to address each community’s assets and needs.

Why should you attend the 2017 YPSummit on October 16-17, 2017?

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Young Professional Organization Leadership

— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s emerging professionals
— New program ideas and member engagement strategies
— Build momentum amongst steering committee members
— Understanding of established leadership strategic plans and goals within your community
— Roadmap for sustainable programs in the future
— Connections to established leadership


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Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Leadership

— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s established professionals
— Best practice sharing for millennial attraction strategies: member development, program design, funding strategies and succession planning
— Understanding of millennial needs within your community
— Opportunity to build a key strategic plan that aligns young professional program to larger organizational goals
— Connections to emerging leadership

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Municipal Leadership
— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s municipal leaders
— Best practice sharing for how to leverage millennial attraction strategies for civic engagement
— Understanding of millennial needs within your community
— Opportunity to build a key strategic plan that aligns young professional program to larger municipal goals
— Connections to emerging and established private sector leadership


For questions regarding the 72 Initiative or the 2016 YPSummit, please contact:

Email: contact@newaukee.com
Address: 161 W. Wisconsin Avenue #16 Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: 414-273-1386