NEWaukee Podcast: The Intersection of People & Place

NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in talent attraction and retention through place-based engagement strategies. We work with companies large and small to ensure their workforce is connected to the community and highly engaged with their employers.

On a semi-monthly basis, NEWaukee hosts a podcast in conjunction with WTMJ 620. This 20-minute program explores what companies and cities are doing across the world to attract, retain and engage talent. Topics range from: recruiting the next generation, developing metrics for employee engagement, placemaking the workplace, delivering return on community versus return on investment and much more.


NEWaukee Co-founders Angela Damiani & Jeremy Fojut discuss the formation of their company and their vision for this new podcast! 


EPISODE 1: How cities are promoting themselves

Special Guests: Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc.
Brittany Morris Saunders, Senior Vice President, Economic Development and Public Affairs
Kate Barton, Vice President, Executive Office and Special Projects

Featured Article:Welcome to the Multimillion-Dollar Business of Selling U.S. Cities,” by Valerie Vande Panne from Next City

EPISODE 2: Jeff Joerres, retired CEO & Chairman of ManpowerGroup

Featured Article: “The Employee Experience Is The Future Of Work: 10 HR Trends For 2017,” by Jeanne Meister from Forbes