NEWaukee Podcast: The Intersection of People & Place

NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in talent attraction and retention through place-based engagement strategies. We work with companies large and small to ensure their workforce is connected to the community and highly engaged with their employers.

On a semi-monthly basis, NEWaukee hosts a podcast in conjunction with WTMJ 620. This 20-minute program explores what companies and cities are doing across the world to attract, retain and engage talent. Topics range from: recruiting the next generation, developing metrics for employee engagement, placemaking the workplace, delivering return on community versus return on investment and much more.

Episode 7: How Northwestern Mutual is recommitting to innovation, culture and Milwaukee

Special Guest: Sandy Botcher, Vice president of campus and event experience at Northwestern Mutual

Sandy Botcher is responsible at both campuses for enterprise business continuity, security and life safety, air operations, construction, improvements and maintenance of buildings and grounds, space planning, company-wide meetings, as well as field meetings associated with schools and seminars, restaurants and catering, and management of warehouse. Botcher is also chairperson for the Campus Connection project, leading the company’s downtown expansion project. She has been an executive offices since January 1, 2010. To learn more, please visit: https://www.northwesternmutual.com/

Episode 6: Company culture matters most

Special Guest: John Wolske, Culture Evangelist at Zappos.com
Featured Article: How to attract talent in the middle of nowhere” by Imriel Morgan from Huffington Post

Jon Wolske is the Culture Evangelist for Zappos Insights, a part of the Zappos Family of companies headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. After a year and a half in the Customer Loyalty Team and a brief stint with the Zappos New Hire Training team, Jon became the company’s first full-time Tours Lead. In a little over a year’s time, Jon had grown the tours team to include a handful of ‘Culture Guides’ and the experience had grown into a business-tourist attraction in Las Vegas. Today the tours team averages over 1800 guests who come to see the Zappos culture in action each month.

To learn more about Zappos, please visit: http://www.zappos.com/core-values

To learn more about Holacracy, please visit: http://www.holacracy.org/

Episode 5: How a state can attract talent

Special Guest: Peter Welch, Director of Public Affairs and University Partnerships at Concordia University
Featured Article: “Impact WV aims to bring young talent here,” by Fred Pace of Herald Dispatch

LEADNow represents how Concordia is diversifying its education offerings to create programming that meets learners where they are at.  Corporate partnership requires listening to the professional development needs of the business community and adapting our curriculum to meet the leadership needs of today’s up and coming talent.  It is our hope to become the go-to resource for businesses looking to develop their talent, and young professionals looking to advance their career. To learn more, please visit: https://www.cuw.edu/friends/community/leadnow.html

Episode 4: City Awake: Revolutionizing millennial civic engagement  

Special Guest: Justin Kang, Executive Director of City Awake
Featured Article: “The Myth of the 40-hour Work Week,” by Ariana Ayu from Inc Magazine

City Awake is a civic innovation lab of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce which focuses on the bold ideas necessary to solve the local issues we deem frustratingly inexcusable in modern society. Most notably, Justin Kang has been recognized by the City of Boston, Boston Magazine, and The Boston Globe for his efforts to mobilize and empower the next generation into important contributors to the civic process in Greater Boston. To learn more visit: www.cityawake.org/

Episode 3: Growing talent and enterprise from within the community

Special Guest: Sarah Filley, CEO and cofounder of Popuphood and CMO at OppSites
Featured Article: “3 Up-and-Coming Places to Live,” by Miriam Weiner from US News & World Report

Popuphood is a social enterprise consulted to incubate small business and revitalizing neighborhoods, block by block.  By rethinking retail and its role in renewal we engage community partners, property owners, businesses, municipalities and developers in participating in the global conversations of collective impact, and creative placemaking. To learn more, please visit: http://www.popuphood.com/

Episode 2: One size fits none: HR needs to be custom-fit for each employee

Special Guest: Jeff Joerres, retired CEO & Chairman of ManpowerGroup
Featured Article: “The Employee Experience Is The Future Of Work: 10 HR Trends For 2017,” by Jeanne Meister from Forbes

Jeff retired from ManpowerGroup as Executive Chairman in December 2015 after serving in that role for 18 months and prior to that, Chairman and CEO for 15 years. Having joined the organization in 1993, Joerres served as Vice President of Marketing and Senior Vice President of European Operations.

Episode 1: How cities are promoting themselves

Special Guests: Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc.
Brittany Morris Saunders, Senior Vice President, Economic Development and Public Affairs
Kate Barton, Vice President, Executive Office and Special Projects
Featured Article: “Welcome to the Multimillion-Dollar Business of Selling U.S. Cities,” by Valerie Vande Panne from Next City

The Downtown Denver Partnership creatively plans, manages and develops Downtown Denver as the unique, diverse, vibrant and economically healthy urban core of the Rocky Mountain Region that is recognized for being prosperous, walkable, diverse, distinctive and green. To learn more, please visit: http://www.downtowndenver.com/


NEWaukee Co-founders Angela Damiani & Jeremy Fojut discuss the formation of their company and their vision for this new podcast!