MKE Concierge

MKE Concierge Overview:

When recruiting high caliber talent from outside of the city, NEWaukee can be a resource in the following objectives:

  • Showcasing the city of Milwaukee and its neighborhoods as a unique selling proposition for prospective candidates.
  • Integrating new hires into the community to ensure their retention at the company long term.

Service Options:

To achieve the above goals, NEWaukee suggests two distinct services that could be leveraged separately or together depending on the prospective candidate.

Milwaukee Detour:

A custom and private 2-hour tour of the city of Milwaukee and surrounding areas focused on finding ways a candidate will easily make Milwaukee home if a job offer is accepted. The tour includes:

  • Pre-tour engagement survey: A tool used to customize the experience for each candidate.
  • 2-hour guided experience: All travel, admission fees, food and beverages are included.
  • Post-tour resource guide: A tool sent as a follow up to any questions or sights seen throughout the day.

Milwaukee Concierge Services:

A customized opportunity for new hires to find the specific resources they need to set up their new life in Milwaukee. This service would complement the relocation process by allowing candidates to find the quality of life and cultural amenities they seek work, home and schools. The service includes:

  • 90-minute in-person consultation: This assessment could be with family members as well as the new hire to ensure the whole family finds what they need.
  • Milwaukee integration plan: A customized series of recommendations for organizations, activities and experiences the new hire should have access to in the first year of work.
  • 30, 100, & 180 day activities: A customized series of invitations to community experiences within the first 6-months of work. All admission fees, food and beverages are included.
  • Engagement survey: A follow up survey deployed at 9 months of employment to gauge community engagement and attachment.

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