Kohler Co.

Company: Kohler Co.

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What makes you THE workplace destination everyone should want to work for?
At Kohler Co., we’re not just a workplace. We’re a global collaboration of leading brands built by 30,000+ associates across six continents. From plumbing and power innovations to decorative tiles and championship golf courses, there’s a place for each associate to design his or her career path. There’s never a shortage of opportunities to grow, evolve and succeed.

The world looks up to the products and services Kohler provides. And we depend on the ideas and impact of our associates to uphold that standard of quality and maintain that leading edge. We’re committed to being the best, and that starts and ends with our talented people.

This is more than just a place to earn a paycheck. This is a rare opportunity to make your mark and make your work matter.

Describe your company culture in one sentence or less:
Put simply, we’re always Believing In Better—in our product innovation, our environmental sustainability and the development of our people.