Jessica Mannigel


Disclaimer: Jessica is part of NEWaukee’s network and is from Marshfield.

Where do you work and what makes your role awesome?
I work at Forward Financial Bank as a Marketing Specialist. The bank’s initiative to be connected and involved in the community is unlike any company I have worked for. They pride themselves on moving communities forward through small and large monetary donations to non-profits, schools, and building developments, but also by encouraging employees to volunteer and give back. It’s so great to be a part of that and to share our story with everyone.
I also serve as President on the Board of Directors for Marshfield Young Professionals, which is probably the most amazing thing I have ever been involved in! It’s helped me develop as a leader, meet amazing people in our community, and learn more about Marshfield (and now Wisconsin) than I ever thought I would want to know. I am truly excited to see what this organization and others like it, will accomplish in the next 5 years.
How long have you lived in your city & what brought you here?
I am originally from the area (Spencer to be exact) and moved back here after college 8 years ago. The security of my family brought be back, but the network of friends and opportunities to expand my talents has kept me here. It really has a lot to offer if you are willing to take the time to look and reach out.
What do you love most about your city?
I love the combination of life it offers – a safe town with walk-able areas, zero traffic, and friendly neighborhoods, while having quick and easy access to larger cities for shopping and more restaurant options.
What is one word that you would use to describe your city?
What local restaurant is at the top of your list?
It’s a local favorite and out-of-towners love it too, Nutz Deep II. They are a full service restaurant with an additional twenty domestic and specialty beers on tap. Nutz Deep II is the go to place for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as the perfect venue for game time, happy hour, and late night drinks. They also have a second location in Spencer called, Nutz Deep II North!
Nutz Deep II also attracts the attention of musicians and celebrities coming to the area. In 2010, John Stamos was playing at the Central Wisconsin State Fair with the Beach Boys and tweeted a photo of the famous Nutz Deep II sign! And yes, he did stop inside for a drink too!
What is your biggest hope for your city?
I hope the development taking place in Marshfield will give people something to be proud of, attract and retain members in our community, and allow our community to be prosperous for years to come. We have so much to offer and keep working to build an even better city with projects like the Downtown Square, the new public Library, and the STEM building at UW-Marshfield/Wood County.