Hey Noah!


“Hey Noah, what is the number one quality you feel makes a great salesperson that you want to do business with or hire?” -Eric

Hey Eric, The most important quality of a salesperson is friendliness. If you aren’t friendly, the sale is over before it starts. Just understand that a friendly salesperson isn’t automatically a successful salesperson; friendliness is simply a prerequisite. For instance, you can’t be a friendly idiot and expect to make many sales…although I bet you’d make more than a smart jerk.

The best salespeople possess a killer combination of:
• Friendliness
• Positive attitude
• Willingness
• Intelligence
• Resourcefulness
• Creativity
• Product knowledge
• Industry knowledge
• Drive
• Networking skills
• Desire to serve
• Persistence
• Tenacity
• Focus
• Time and task management skills
• Commitment to personal development and self-education
• And much, much more

But you can have all the skills in the world and still suffer from lackluster or mediocre sales performance, all because you have a lousy personality, a negative attitude, or lack a friendly disposition. How you start the sale – your approach – sets the tone for the first appointment, the relationship, and for how you will be perceived forever. First impressions matter.

Here’s why I rank friendliness as A-number-1:

Before anyone buys anything, they have to buy the salesperson. So, you have to sell yourself first. You have to get your prospect or customer to buy into you. You have to get them to like you before you get them to pay you.

Start friendly. Become likable. Or lose to someone who is.

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