Get To Know NKE: Joe Estrem


“I see the team getting a little bigger so that we can host even crazier events.”

Get to know NKE is a series focused on the faces behind the company.  It is intended to give you insight on those who plan and execute the wonderful events that bring connection and creativity to the city.  Hear their background, thoughts on the future of Newaukee, and more. 


Joe Estrem

What school did you go to or graduate from?

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in Communication Design

Where’s your hometown/ neighborhood?

Grayslake, Illinois

What’s your position at NKE?

Graphic Designer

How did you hear about NEWaukee?

Last summers Lunar Series

How long have you been with the company?

Only a month

How would you describe NEWaukee’s mission in your own words?

Making the Milwaukee community stronger by making people active and more engaged.

What’s been your favorite event/initiative to create?

The branding for True North

How do you see NEWaukee growing in the future?

I see the team getting a little bigger so that we can host even crazier events.

What’s your favorite album/artist?

Oh geez… I’m not a die-hard fan for a single artist, I like a few songs from everyone.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?

An ipod & headphones with all my favorite jams on it, a solar powered coffee maker, and scuba gear.

Where’s your favorite space to go/hang out/eat in Milwaukee?

My favorite place to eat is Comet Cafe.