Get To Know NKE: Hilary Graham


Get To Know NKE is a series focused on the faces behind the company.  It is intended to give you insight on those who plan and execute the wonderful events that bring connection and creativity to the city.  Hear their background, thoughts on the future of NEWaukee, and more. 

The sky has always been the limit for this team, no challenge or idea that cannot be pursued


Hilary Graham

What school did you go to or graduate from?

Graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Lubar School of Business

Where’s your hometown/ neighborhood?

East Side/Brady Street

What’s your position at NKE?

Nonprofit Director

How did you hear about NEWaukee?

My husband had always been very involved with NEWaukee and helped with volunteer coordination and events so I started helping him and never went away!

How long have you been with the company?

6 years

How would you describe NEWaukee’s mission in your own words?

NEWaukee is helping create and showcase a better Milwaukee that inspires our great people to stay, provides an environment for ideas and innovation to thrive and attracts new talent to our city to continue the circle of growth.

What’s been your favorite event/initiative to create?

My favorite initiative has been Seasons of Giving, I have enjoyed teaming with our nonprofit partners to provide NEWaukeeans an opportunity to be philanthropic and bring cheer and light to others in need during the holiday season.  

How do you see NEWaukee growing in the future?

The sky has always been the limit for this team, no challenge or idea that cannot be pursued – I think the future really depends on how much Milwaukee embraces all that NEWaukee can offer.

What’s your favorite album/artist?

The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – I likely fell in love with every aspect of this movie younger than appropriate.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you bring?

If I was stuck on a desert island I would bring a really good (long) book, my running shoes and some SPF.

Where’s your favorite space to go/hang out/eat in Milwaukee?

My favorite space in Milwaukee is the Brady Street neighborhood, it has everything; dive bars, a neighborhood wine shop, a neighborhood ‘grocery store’, patios, coffee, Brady Street Festival, all a stone’s throw from the lake and some really good running routes!