My First ART Bus.


January 19 was my first time attending NEWaukee’s Art Bus. An event that partners with the city’s Gallery Night and Day, and an event that I have wanted to attend for a few years now, but have not been able to line it up with my schedule. However, being the new intern at NEWaukee, I was excited to see what it would be like to partake in NEWaukee’s Art Bus.

To begin the night at Kessler’s Diamonds was fantastic. Complimentary wine and a dash of elegance from being surrounded with sparkling diamonds made it seem as if everyone attending was truly a part of an elite society. Which in retrospect is quite ironic considering a mere 15 minutes later I would be singing along to an acoustic version of …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears on a school bus.

We all crammed into the buses after Kessler’s and headed off to our first stop. Being on the job, I was up in the front handing out refills of wine and beers to anyone that wanted it. This spot also was fantastic because I got to meet everyone who stepped onto the bus, and I got a front row seat to our fantastic musician. She had an amp, microphone, guitar, tip jar and herself jammed into one seat, and sometimes she couldn’t see the guitar frets because the bus was so dark, but do not be mistaken, she pulled the performance off with grace and laughter.

We drove to almost all four corners of Milwaukee, stopping anywhere from university museums to one room galleries that were so full we would only be able to stay for a few minutes before heading off to the next stop. By the end of the trip, there was definitely an air of comradery in the bus. Everyone was relaxed from the wine, the art and the music, and since they were in such close quarters, they couldn’t help but start talking to each other and building connections. The night was anything but a disappointment.