Milwaukee Tour (for Milwaukeeans!)

Saturday, September 15, 2018 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM Velobahn Coffee & Cycle MapMap
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Milwaukee Tour (for Milwaukeeans!)

presented with Urban Milwaukee

Event Details:

Tasting MKE’s Savory Fillings: Samosas & Sambusas, Pastelillos & Pasties
September 15th, 2018 | 11:00AM – 2:30PM

You know what they say: “Never judge a samosa/sambusa/pastelillos/pasty by its crust — you learn a whole lot more when you take a bite and find out what’s on the inside.”

The same could be said about Milwaukee neighborhoods.

While Milwaukee is considered a “City of Neighborhoods,” learning about a community that’s new-to-you can be a challenge — it’s not always obvious where to start. Join Milwaukee enthusiast Adam Carr for an in-depth bus tour and exploration of culture/history/depth/texture in Milwaukee neighborhoods.

This will be a food-focused tour — “hand pies” with savory filings from different culinary traditions/neighborhoods getting top billing. And we’ll also learn along the way! This tour will be delicious, as well as civically nutritious.

We will make 5 stops during the tour, with food at each. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.
Route subject to change.

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What People Are Saying:

“Finally went to one of the @NEWaukee Milwaukee tour for Milwaukeeans event on Saturday and highly recommend. Kudos to @afranciscarr for living up to your reputation as a great storyteller and changing my perspective on the Northwest side of Milwaukee.” – @RomanReynebeau

“…I always go home enlightened and excited by what I’ve learned. The new info improves my experience of Milwaukee in a multitude of positive ways from meeting the people we meet at our tour stops to new food discoveries.” – @MegInMKE


Past Milwaukee Tours for Milwaukeeans

MKE NW: Old North, Granville and beyond

June 16th, 2018 | 11:30AM-2:30PM
Bus pick up at Lincoln Park Pavilion (1301 W Hampton Ave, Glendale, WI)

This tour, according to Carr:

“Whenever I feel like Milwaukee is ‘small,’ I go get lost on the far northwest side — there’s a whole lot of city out there. So, on this tour, we’ll be visiting some unique and incredible places in Old North Milwaukee, Granville and other northwest side neighborhoods. And I want to be upfront about something — I have a great deal to learn about these parts of Milwaukee, and I’m extremely excited to explore it on this tour.”


April 21st, 2018 | 10AM-1PM
Delicious & Beautiful: A ‘best of’ tour in Milwaukee neighborhoods

Tour guide Adam Carr and Newaukee are entering their fifth season of collaborating on bus tours. During that time, they’ve produced about 20 unique tours, each with a different theme and itinerary. For YPWeek 2018, this tour will be a “best of,” pulling together highlights from past tours, including some of Carr’s favorite places, communities, and most importantly, foods. The focus will be “delicious” and “beautiful” experiences.

The tour will include a 5-6 stops, with food/snacks throughout the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore! We’ll be leaving from and returning to the Mitchell Park Domes parking lot.

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First stops:

  • Washington Park (plus a super secret surprise)
  • Bakery from Amaranth

Second stops:

  • Terry McCormick Contemporary Fine and Folk Art Gallery
  • Tea from Alice’s Garden

Third stops:

  • St. Josaphat’s Basilica
  • Papusas and Pierogi

Fourth stops:

  • 5Wise & Three Bridges Park
  • Mango Sticky Rice from Vientiane Noodle Shop

February 10th, 2018
Riding Milwaukee’s Red Lines

This is the final in a series of tours connected to March On Milwaukee 50th, with routes inspired by the Open Housing Marches of 1967/68. With special guest Joaquin Altoro, VP at Town Bank and a champion of Milwaukee, this tour will explore the landscape that led to the Open Housing Marches, with a particular focus on the practice of “redlining.” It is both a difficult and quintessential topic for understanding both our history and how our city has evolved to the present day.

The tour will include multiple stops (full itinerary coming soon!), as well as food/snacks along the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.

Itinerary (subject to change):
-Begin at Town Bank (140 S 1st St) – the bus leaves right at 10AM, don’t be late!
-Bronzeville Business District
-Columbia Savings & Loan (2020 W Fond Du Lac Ave)
-Ariam Kesete of AK Development
-Roots and redlining in Walker’s Point (5th & Washington)
-What’s happening in Walker’s Point today?

September 9th / November 4th , 2017

March On Milwaukee 50th anniversary, Parts 1 & 2
This is one of two March On Milwaukee 50th tours, whose route and itinerary are inspired by Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches in 1967/68. As we traverse the route of the first march, taking cues from 200 Nights of Freedom, the tour will focus on the themes “Recognition & Re-ignition.” This will include historic locations and insight from elders who participated in the marches in the NAACP Youth Council and Commandos. Additionally, we will learn about organizing and activism taking place in Milwaukee today.

The group will meet at Haymarket Square Park on the corner of McKinley and Old World Third, we will leave right at 10am so please arrive a little early to register – free street parking is available in the area.

The tour will include several stops, as well as food/snacks along the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.

Featured destinations:
-MLK Drive & North Avenue (Roots of Bronzeville)
-Former site of Freedom House II (NAACP Youth Council/Commandos)
-Wisconsin Avenue & 16th Street (Day One — August 28th, 1967)
-National Avenue & 16th Street (Day Two — August 29th, 1967)
-Koscuiszko Park (The changing face of the South Side)
-UMOS mural on 1st and Mitchell Street (Latinx activism in Milwaukee)

June 10th, 2017

This tour is themed around Milwaukee County’s East-West Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. BRT is Milwaukee County’s planned 9-mile, regional, modern transit service connecting major employment, education and recreation destinations through downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s Near West Side, Marquette University, Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. BRT would provide improved access to the region’s most vital, most traveled and most congested corridor.

Begin/End: Haymarket Square Park (The bus leaves right at 10AM, don’t be late!)
1. Pfister Hotel
2. St. Joan of Arc Chapel on Marquette University campus
3. The Ambassador
4. Story Hill Neighborhood
5. Calvary Cemetery
6. Gilles Frozen Custard
7. Medical College of Wisconsin

April 22, 2017

This is part two of two MKE101 tours in 2017, designed to explore some of the most fundamental ideas of our city. The tour’s route and itinerary will be inspired by Explore MKE: Your Neighborhood, Our City, a book recently written by Carr and published by SHARP Literacy. Our focus during the first leg was the South Side, with this leg focusing on the North Side.

While the tour will be accessible to beginners, more tenured Milwaukeeans may also appreciate the tour — basic knowledge about Milwaukee isn’t always common knowledge.

The tour will include a handful of stops, as well as food/snacks along the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.

Itinerary (Route subject to change!):
Meet at: Haymarket Associated Bank
– Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausages
– All People’s Church
– Growing Power Cafe
– Alice’s Garden
– Juice Kitchen
Return to: Haymarket Associated Bank

March 4th, 2017

This is part one of two MKE101 tours in 2017, designed to explore some of the most fundamental ideas of our city. The tour’s route and itinerary will be inspired by Explore MKE: Your Neighborhood, Our City, a book recently written by Carr and published by SHARP Literacy. Our focus during this leg will be the South Side, with the second leg focusing on the North Side.

While the tour will be accessible to beginners, more tenured Milwaukeeans may also appreciate the tour — basic knowledge about Milwaukee isn’t always common knowledge.

The tour will include a handful of stops, as well as food/snacks along the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.

Welcome at UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences (Don’t be late, we’ll leave right at 10am!)
Kaszube’s Park
Tippecanoe Library
St. Josaphat’s Basilica
Lopez Bakery
Winter Farmers Market
Menomonee Valley Urban Ecology Center
Return to UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences

November 12th, 2016

Manufacturing & Industry
When considering Milwaukee’s largest challenges, and their root causes, the decline of industry and manufacturing nears the top of the list. While Milwaukee has lost a considerable number of manufacturing jobs in the past 40 years, loss is far from the whole story. Sixteen percent of the Milwaukee region’s workforce is employed in manufacturing, ranking second in the nation among the top 50 metro areas for manufacturing jobs. Whether its driven by time-tested industries, cutting edge technology or scrappy entrepreneurs, Milwaukee is still a city that makes things.

Join us as we explore factory floors, sample what’s being made around Milwaukee and learn about the role industry plays in our city’s economy.


UWM School of Freshwater Sciences

Harbor District
Wrought Washer

Menomonee Valley
City Lights Brewery
Rexnord Corporation

30th Street Industrial Corridor
A.O. Smith/Talgo site
Century City I

June 18th, 2016

Community gardens on Milwaukee’s Northside:
Making garden beds is easy; making a community garden isn’t

In recent years, urban agriculture has taken off in Milwaukee as a way of growing food, using vacant land, and strengthening community bonds. And just like the veggies growing, community gardens come in many varieties, each with their own unique flavor.

On this tour, produced in collaboration with Antoine Carter of Groundwork Milwaukee, we’ll take an inside look at a handful of urban agriculture projects that have sprouted up on Milwaukee’s Northside. We’ll take an in-depth look at the neighborhoods where they’re located and hear straight from community members that put in the work.

And if we’re lucky (hint: we will be), the tour will feature samples of early season produce and other garden products.

April 23rd, 2016

Milwaukee’s Art Scene
Milwaukee’s art scene is unlike any other. Get acquainted with this unique, indigenous world with Detour guide Adam Carr, who is teaming up with Mary Louise Schumacher, art and architecture critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
From the big and bold to the quiet and contemplative, this tour will be a sprint through our city’s diverse art community. We’ll be stopping at galleries, studios, and other spaces that embody what it means to make art in Milwaukee today.
As always, the tour will feature plenty to eat and drink, including samples/swigs of experimental Colby cheese and beer brewed for art’s sake.

Begin at Gordon Park Parking Lot
The Suburban (Riverwest)
Reynaldo Hernandez
Terry McCormick Gallery of Contemporary Fine and Folk Art
The Fortress Building
The Marshall Building
Brenner Brewing & The Pitch Project
Lopez Bakery & Cafe

February 20th, 2016

North Avenue from East to West
From the bluffs of Lake Michigan to 60th Street, North Avenue is one of Milwaukee’s most reliable barometers. There’s no better place to experience our city’s kaleidoscope of communities and cultures — to honestly answer the question “How’s Milwaukee doing?”

And just in the past year, there’s been an immense amount of new development and change. With new buildings and businesses throughout the thoroughfare, if you haven’t traveled its length in the past 12 months, you don’t know North Avenue.

This tour will be like a ride on the 21 bus with a big giant cheat sheet to answer just about all of your questions.

The Detour will start at Northpoint Custard parking lot on Bradford Beach!

Project stops:
-Resevoir Park
-Martin Luther King Drive
The Juice Kitchen
St. Ann’s Intergenerational Bucyrus Campus
Finney Library Art Studio
Sharehouse Goods

November 21st, 2015

South Side Main Streets 
Before shopping malls, big box stores, and internet shopping, main streets were the centerpieces of our communities. They weren’t just a place you’d go to run errands and shop — it’s where the most interesting bits of life happened. On this tour, we’ll visit a handful of the south side’s wonderful main streets, each with its own unique personality and flavor. We’ll be hitting Lincoln Village, South 13th, Silver City, Cesar Chavez, and of course, Mitchell Street just in time to scope out some new spots for holiday shopping!

Detours Itinerary:

Meet at Haymarket Square – we leave right at 10:30am!
1301 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Walker’s Point
Home Town Established – 321 W. National Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Silver City
Our Daily Salt – 3519 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215
Asian International Market – 3401 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215

Mitchell Street
Las Palmas Western Wear – 600 W Historic Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Mitchell Street Menswear – 710 W Historic Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Lincoln Avenue
Ben’s Cycle – 1018 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215
Chet & Leona’s – 1200 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215

South 13th Street
Natural Food Shop – 3048 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215
Bombay Sweets – 3401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215

September 12th, 2015

“Milwaukee is such a small city.” Heard that one a million times, right? While our paths through the city may be small, Milwaukee certainly is not. And there’s no part of town where that’s more evident than the northwest side. On this tour, we’ll explore Havenwoods, Thurston Woods, Granville, Old North Milwaukee, and more. Highlights will include urban forests and farms, an amazing asian market and one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest buildings.

10:35 Depart Haymarket Square
10:50 Arrive at Jo’s Cafe
11:20 Arrive at Havenwoods State Forest
11:55 Arrive at Kallas Honey Farm
12:25 Arrive at Phongsavan Asian Market
1:00 Arrive at Greek Orthodox Church
1:35 Arrive at Kitt’s Frozen Custard
1:45 Head back to Haymarket Square

July 18th, 2015

Is there a better vehicle for culture and storytelling than food? Let’s find out. This tour will focus on the south side’s many cuisines, cultures, and communities. There’s certainly no shortage of options and we’ll be visiting an all-star lineup of restaurants. While each Detour has offered plenty to chew on, this one promises to be the most delicious to date. Come hungry.

10:30 || Meet at Haymarket Square (depart around 10:35)
10:45 || Lopez Bakery (Also Anmol, Sala’s)
11:20 || Pete’s Fruit Market
11:45 || Kosciuszko Park (El Salvador, AJ Polish Deli)
12:15 || European Sausage Shop
12:50 || El Canaveral (Also Gloria’s)
1:20 || UEC (Vientianne, Asian International Market)
2:00 || Arrive back at Haymarket Square

November 15, 2014

Detours by NEWaukee will take you on a whirlwind tour through some of Milwaukee’s greatest neighborhoods in addition to learning more about NEWaukee’s initiatives. Detours will operate a couple times a year and will focus on the history, art, music, culture, food and architecture of the individual neighborhoods. In each neighborhood, guests will be invited inside different businesses, public paces and into homes to meet the people that shape Milwaukee.

Registration: Haymarket Square / Associated Bank
Address: 1301 N. Martin Luther King Drive
Overview: Complimentary coffee, snacks and a discussion about Haymarket Square Pocket Park

1st Stop: The ARTery
Neighborhood: Harambee / Riverwest

2nd Stop: Cesar E. Chavez Drive
Neighborhood: Clarke Square

3rd Stop: Mitchell Street
Neighborhood: Walkers Point

4th Stop: Back to Haymarket Square