2018 NEWaukee Night Market

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM 2nd to 4th and Wisconsin Ave MapMap
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Vendor Application
Vendor Information

NEWaukee’s Night Market is a collision of all Milwaukee has to offer. The Night Market is a free, open-air market that offers a wide variety of experiences for people of all backgrounds and ages. The Night Market features a mash up of art, craft and food vendors, live art creation, local music and a beer garden with a goal to create a free, vibrant, safe and interactive place in downtown Milwaukee for people to experience culture at night. By visiting the Night Market you not only contribute to the local economy, but you are part of the solution to a revitalization of West Wisconsin Ave!

The market is held on Wisconsin Ave between 2nd and 4th streets from 5-10pm one Wednesday a month from June through September:
– June 13
– July 11
– August 15
– September 12

We are accepting vendor applications for 2018! Vendor application can be found HERE or in the next tab!

Check out some highlights from 2014, 2015, and 2016!

Night Market Vendor Application

Applications are due by midnight on Friday, March 23rd. Accepted vendors will be notified on or before April 1st.

NEWaukee’s Night Market is a curated event! We expect to receive more applications than spaces to fill. The following factors will go into deciding who will participate:

– Performances or items created should not be based on any pre-existing patterns or products. Variety and innovation of vendors is important to us.
– Having a balanced marketplace. If we receive many applications for one product category, that category automatically becomes more competitive. We will only be able to accommodate between 2 and 5 of the same category items. Example categories include jewelry, home goods, performance, accessories, children’s clothing, adult clothing, fine art, ceramics, etc.
– We absolutely love having interactive or educational components to our booths. If you have something like this, please make sure you highlight it in your application. If you don’t — don’t sweat it!

Performances and Activities Coming soon!


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Vendor Information

Location: On Wisconsin Avenue, between N 4th + N 2nd, extending onto Wisconsin Ave
Load in: 3-4pm
Vend: 5-10pm
Load Out: Immediately following the market.
Please continue reading for more detailed information.

  1. Location:  The location of the NEWaukee Night Market is on Wisconsin Avenue between N 4th and N 2nd Street and will extend onto Old World Third.  These streets  will be shut down for the event, so please consider this when you arrive to set up.  
  2.  Load in is from 3PM – 4PM.  The market opens at 5 and ends at 10PM.  There will be no late load ins! If you have not arrived by 4:30pm, NEWaukee reserves to right to change your original booth assignment.  All booths must be completely set up by 5PM.  Please do not load in early.  We will be ready for you at 3PM.
  3.  You will not be able to drive directly up to your booth location.  Yes, I realize the market is on a street!  Because of the number of vendors and the thousands of dollars in infrastructure we need in place to make the market happen, driving on the street is a huge liability.  Please do not drive into the market. We suggest bringing a cart or an extra set of helping hands to make set up easier.
  4.  You will find both your booth number and a map attached to this email.  Please take note of your booth number and where it is located.  Please feel free to park legally wherever you would like for load in.  When you are finished loading in, please feel free to park on the street or in the lot we provide for you (see parking info below).
  5.  Booth Location:  We will send you a map and your vendor assignment ahead of each market. The actual booths will be marked on the ground in chalk for you to find them.  Booth parameters are not marked.  Please set your tent up directly over the booth number. You should orientate your booth so you will be selling towards the center of the street.   
  6.  Parking:  If you were a vendor last year, you can park in the same location.  If you weren’t a vendor last year here is how you find parking:  There is a parking lot on Wisconsin Ave between 4th and 5th Street.  You will be able to park on the WEST side of the parking lot, the side of the lot that is closest to 5th Street.  You will be able to enter the parking lot from 5th Street, next to the Hilton.  Parking is at a first come, first serve basis. (Please see map attached – available parking is highlighted with a yellow box)  The EAST side of the parking lot is not available for free vendor parking and you will be ticketed.  FYI.

Parking Badge: We will send you a parking badge that you will need to print out and put on your dash so the parking attendants know that you’re a vendor and can park in the lot for free. If you don’t have the badge, we cannot promise that you won’t get a ticket. If you are parked on the correct half of the lot, have the badge on your dash, and still get a ticket for some reason, please email rita@newaukee.com a photo of the ticket showing the reference number so she can send it to the parking company to get it waived. If you are not going to be the on-site person for your booth, please forward this along to whoever will be on-site and parking in the lot.

  1.  Power:  Each booth will have access to power feeding off a generator.  Please bring extension cords and a power strip for your personal use.  Only lights can be run off the generator.  If there is a situation where you will need more power, please respond to this email so I can coordinate that!  Extra power will not be accommodated unless requested before the market.
  2.  WIND & Tent Weights:  Downtown is windy!  It’s true!  Come prepared with weights for your tent. Please secure each leg of your tent with 25lb weights or heavier.  If your tent is not properly secured, you will be asked to remove it.  Tents may no longer be attached to other tents to secure them.  Every vendor must bring weights, no exceptions. If your tent has a removable cover, consider removing the cover if the weather is clear.  The tent frame can be used as a place to hook lights and without the cover there will be no sail for the wind to catch.  Please consider not using a tent if the wind is especially strong.  Please think of your booth set up when considering the wind.  (Bring paper weights!)
  3. Bathrooms:  There will be a collection of outdoor bathrooms on the northwest corner of Wisconsin and 3rd.
  4.  You must furnish your own change, tables, chairs, display materials, signs, etc. Tents will not be provided, so please bring your own or be prepared to vend without one.
  5.  There is no arriving late & no leaving early.  In consideration for other vendors and patrons, please do not break down your booth until 10:00PM.  If there is a situation where you sell out of goods, you can place a sign and leave your booth, but you can’t load out until everyone loads out.
  6.  The fee for the space is non-refundable: In an effort to promote the longevity of this event it is imperative NEWaukee creates a financial pattern to cover the costs of running the market. The primary income base is dependent upon vendor and sponsor fees. We want to make sure the market can be sustained for years to come.
  7.  Weather: In the event of forecasted inclement weather, the market may be cancelled to protect participants and their businesses. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, vendor fees will be retained by NEWaukee for the sole means of covering costs of the market that are unrecoverable to the organization. NEWaukee also reserves the right to end the market at any time due to inclement weather if conditions become unsafe for vendors or attendees. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
  8.  If you sell something that requires a permit, it is your responsibility to obtain that permit.
  9.  Each vendor is responsible for any insurance coverage for the protection of the vendor.
  10.  Each vendor is liable for any damages.
  11.  The vendor assumes responsibility to pay all federal, state and local taxes, duties or assessments that may be levied or imposed on the vendor’s operation, services, transaction, revenue and property.
  12.  In consideration for entry as a vendor, the vendor does hereby, release, remiss, forever discharge and agree to hold harmless Clever Sauce Creative, NEWaukee, Cortney Heimerl and all members of, from any and all manner of action, causes of action, suits, charges, claims, demands and liabilities of whatever kind of nature to include death, personal injury and/or property damage whether due to accident or negligence which arise during the course of this event and further covenants not file a claim for such death, personal injury or property damage.

Additional Vendor Information:

  1.  Each booth space measures 10×10 ft.
  2.  Trash receptacles for vendors will not be provided so please bring your own and collect your trash at the end of the market.