2017 YPSummit

Monday, October 16, 2017 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Milwaukee County Historical Society MapMap
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2017 YPSummit Program

72 Initiative

Welcome to the 72 Initiative!

Our BIG, Audacious Goal:

To reverse the migration of talent for the state of Wisconsin.

The Current State of Talent:

More people move out of Wisconsin than move to Wisconsin.
The Future Wisconsin Project has found the inconsistent state brand as well as the lack of access and awareness to the unique attributes of the state impede our ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest.
Wisconsin is the only state in the country with a statewide YPWeek, a millennial attraction, development & engagement platform.

What We’ve Achieved So Far:

After three years of successful expansion of YPWeek, we’ve built the nation’s largest millennial talent network. But that’s only just the beginning! Currently YPWeek showcases 25 communities and our intention is to include all 72 Wisconsin counties, hence the 72 Initiative!

As the 72 Initiative grows, we plan to expand the peer network and annual celebration to include the following:

— Learning institute for emerging and established leaders to share best practices with their peers from across the state
— Excursion trips to fortify relationships and to experience best practices in action within different communities
— Resource guide for potential and current residents to find what they need to begin their careers and invest in their communities

How do we begin to tackle our big, audacious goal? Join us at the 2017 YPSummit.

YPSummit Logo

Bridging the gap between generations

We have all heard about the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers and the (infamous) Millennials. Yes, there are distinctions in the way each generation desires to live, work, and play. But we all have something in common – we’ve chosen Wisconsin as our home. Thus, we need to work together to ensure our state stays competitive and attractive for future generations.

The YPSummit offers an opportunity for emerging and established leadership to build a united vision for their communities. This two-day symposium invites municipal, chamber of commerce, economic development, and young professional leaders to work as a team on a collaborative action plan for talent attraction, development, and retention strategies designed specifically to address each community’s assets and needs.


Why should you attend the 2017 YPSummit?

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Young Professional Organization Leadership

— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s emerging professionals
— New program ideas and member engagement strategies
— Build momentum amongst steering committee members
— Understanding of established leadership strategic plans and goals within your community
— Roadmap for sustainable programs in the future
— Connections to established leadership


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Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Leadership

— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s established professionals
— Best practice sharing for millennial attraction strategies: member development, program design, funding strategies and succession planning
— Understanding of millennial needs within your community
— Opportunity to build a key strategic plan that aligns young professional program to larger organizational goals
— Connections to emerging leadership


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Municipal Leadership
— Access to peer network of Wisconsin’s municipal leaders
— Best practice sharing for how to leverage millennial attraction strategies for civic engagement
— Understanding of millennial needs within your community
— Opportunity to build a key strategic plan that aligns young professional program to larger municipal goals
— Connections to emerging and established private sector leadership

YPSummit Logo

Bridging the gap between Wisconsin’s generations

We’re concerned about the outmigration of Wisconsin’s best and brightest. Rather than dwell on the scary statistics, the YPSummit aims to take a tangible and practical step towards reversing our outflow of talent. Through the summit, we will create the nation’s first cross-generational peer network focused on talent attraction, development and retention. We also plan to expand the successes of YPWeek Wisconsin to new communities and further establish Wisconsin as the only state working collaboratively on a Millennial engagement project of this scale.

Dates: Monday, October 16, 2017 from 8:00 – 5pm and Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 8:00 – 4pm
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Registration Fee: $75 / per person (includes all food, beverages, and transportation between conference sessions)
Hotel Recommendation: Intercontinental Hotel has a block of rooms reserved at a $115 / night rate until September 15, 2017. To make a reservation with the Intercontinental, please click here.


Program Overview: Day one of the summit focuses on national trends, best practices, and success stories of Millennial civic engagement strategies and young professional programs. Team of municipal, chamber of commerce, economic development, and young professional leaders are encouraged to spend the day learning together. Day two is an action planning session for community teams to practice the place-based talent strategies through the design of YPWeek Wisconsin 2018.

The YPSummit differs from other conferences due to the unique confluence of attendees and the “practice what you preach” nature of the programming. Below is a schedule of the programs. Bus transportation will be available for all conference attendees.

October 15, 2017
6:30pm | Pre-YPSummit Kick Off Reception (Optional)

Day One: October 16, 2017

8:00am – Registration & breakfast
8:300am – Welcome to the 2017 YPSummit
9:00am – Keynote Address: The State of Talent | Brandon Rigoni, Ph.D., Associate Director for Selection and Development at Gallup
10:00am – Urban Hike

10:30am | Breakout Sessions:
– Programming 101: Basic Program Design for Every YP Group | Rita DeMerit, Social Architect at NEWaukee
– Building a Business Plan for a YP Group | Jeremy Fojut, CIO of NEWaukee
– 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Launching a YP Group | Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee
– Managing Teams Effectively: Getting the Most Out of Your Volunteers

11:45am | Community Spotlights:
– Wausau: Operating within an Economic Development Organization | Nick O’Brien, Community Engagement Specialist at MCDEVCO
– Kenosha: Program Highlight: Non-Profit Board Preparation | Brandi Cummings, Community Engagement Committee Chairperson at Y-Link

12:00pm – Lunch & Keynote Address: National Case Study | Justin Kang, Founder of City Awake

1:15pm | Community Spotlights:
– Madison: Managing Many Organizations | Corinn Ploessel, YPWeek Madison
– Marshfield: Operating within a Chamber of Commerce | Jessica Mannigel, Marshfield Young Professionals

1:30pm | Breakout Sessions:
– Communication 101: Marketing Basics for Every YP Group | Nicole Behnke, Social Architect at NEWaukee
– Creative Placemaking 101: Converting Spaces into Places | Sara Daleiden, Founder and Director of MKE <-> LAX
– Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing Your Community | Patronicity
– How to Influence without Direct Authority

2:30pm – Break: Community One-on-Ones
3:00pm – Community Asset Mapping Workshop | Jeremy Fojut, CIO of NEWaukee
4:30pm – Happy Hour

Day Two: October 17, 2017
8:30am – Registration & breakfast
9:00am – Introduction to the 72 Initiative | Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee
9:45am – Community Impact Case Study: Fond du Lac | Joe Truesdale, Past President of YPF
10:15am – Building Your YPWeek: Partners, Funders, Programs | Jeremy Fojut, CIO of NEWaukee

12:00pm | Lunch

1:00pm – Peer Program Critique
1:45pm – Regional Program Alignment
2:30pm – Group Share
3:15pm – Next Steps for YPWeek 2018 Planning | Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee
4:00pm – Program Conclusion | Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee

*Please note: Day Two is a group workshop for community leaders to work together to build a comprehensive millennial talent strategy for their organizations and programs. We encourage you to invite municipal, chamber of commerce, economic development, and young professional leadership to participate to ensure your community has the best opportunity to engage fully in the program. If your community only has a single representative in attendance, you will be paired with a neighboring community.

Why should your community participate in YPSummit & YPWeek? Check out this case study from the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce’s Coastal Program involvement from the last two years. Click here to download the case study.

What is YPWeek? Check out the the 2017 YPWeek Wisconsin video.

Program Partners

The 2017 YPSummit is proudly presented in partnership by the following companies and organizations:

NKElogo        WEDC Logo 1x1 _CMYK             leaguefinal     

NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in community-based signature experiences centered on high-profile issues of importance for the state of Wisconsin. NEWaukee also provides consumer, employer brand and talent engagement services to employers looking to attract and retain talent necessary to grow their businesses. Visit www.newaukee.com to learn more.

For questions regarding the 72 Initiative or the 2017 YPSummit, please contact:

Email: contact@newaukee.com
Address: 161 W. Wisconsin Avenue #16 Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: 414-273-1386