Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Service Overview:

Everyone is looking for the newest, easiest ‘silver bullet’ for recruiting and retaining top talent. We believe companies of the future need a new, high-touch approach. With NEWaukee’s Talent Lifecycle™; , we list your job openings on our website and blast them out to our 202K+ subscribers. Once the position is filled, the newly hired employee enters into a yearlong community engagement program that is customized to their interests. At the end of the year, not only will your employee feel connected to your company, but they also will be vested fully in the community. Through a four-pronged approach, NEWaukee offers the following introductory program as an annual partnership for companies interested in real results as it relates to their employer branding and experience recruiting.

Step One: NEWaukee Job Network

Have a new position? Looking to show off what it means to work at your company? Let NEWaukee broadcast your own personal branding page on our website that features open positions and company culture to our huge talent network across the state. Package includes:

  • Designated Landing Page Featuring Company Culture
  • 2 Annual Premier Job Position Links on Job Board
  • Unlimited Job Posts on Company Profile
  • 1 Employee Profile
  • Monthly Newsletter Blasts
  • Monthly Social Media Blasts
  • Monthly Click-thru Impressions Reports

Step Two: Showcase Your Expertise

Let’s find a platform for your company’s leaders and experts to tell your story, describe your culture and engage with our talent pool through an in-person experience. Choose from one of the following programs:

  • Interview: A semi-annual reverse job fair, where company leaders pitch to a crowd of applicants why their company is the best fit for the candidates. On-site interviews also take place following the presentations.
  • Speaker Crawl: A semi-annual interactive professional development program that simultaneously features a dozen speakers and a cultural institution to a young professional audience.
  • Soapbox: A quarterly live female talk show and social event focused on the power to define their careers. Through a series of inspirational storytelling sessions and panel discussions attendees are able to find motivation to empower, connect and build their futures.
  • Open Source: A monthly tech meetup that explores how companies around the city create a meaningful and positive culture in their organization.

Step Three: Expose Your Culture

The next generation workforce wants to know more than your company’s history and what their benefits package might include. Connect to one of the various playful programs NEWaukee offers to be able to show off your company’s fun side. Choose from one of the following programs:

  • Art Bus: A gallery night bus tour that could stop at your company’s headquarters.
  • Milwaukee Tour: A community tour that could stop at your company’s headquarters or area of community investment.
  • Down Under Disco: A pop-up disco party under a bridge
  • 7 Bridges BBQ: A progressive dinner tucked into the woods of Grant Park
  • Empty Storefront Conference: A conference that showcase revitalized or re-adaptive uses for old space and places.

Step Four: Engage Your Employees

NEWaukee has mastered engagement in the last decade. We work with employee populations within all industries to ensure they are highly engaged with one another and the community at large. Send a cohort of (10) employees through a quarterly experience unlike any other. Package includes: Custom invitations to (4) NEWaukee events, VIP access and exclusive upgrades at programs and Pre- and post-program engagement surveys.

For an itemized quote of this annual introductory package of services, please contact us today. Annual partners work with the NEWaukee event and digital marketing team on an ongoing basis throughout the allotted program timeframe.

Upgrade Opportunities:

NEWaukee has several signature experiences that can be swapped in or added to the lineup throughout the annual partnership:

The nation’s largest young professional conference, spanning over 200+ events in 30+ communities across the state of Wisconsin with 18K+ attendees.

Night Market:
Milwaukee’s most diverse event, a downtown market featuring art, makers, food trucks and performances. Taking place four times throughout the summer, the market boasts 40K+ attendees.

Custom Video:
Make the most of the annual partnership by working with our video crew to document your company’s experiences. The video can be used throughout the promotional campaign hosted by NEWaukee as well as by the company for future promotion.

Investment: Varies. Contact us today to create your custom package and receive an itemized quote.

Contact us for more information!

Email: contact@newaukee.com | Phone: 414-273-1386