Employee Engagement Program

You’ve done the work to secure the very best and brightest talent for your team. They have access to your company culture, your leadership and your workplace. But do they have access to what Milwaukee has to offer? As they grow in their careers, will they decide to choose Milwaukee? The ChooseMKE program is a turnkey solution for local employers eager to create unique community-based employee engagement experiences.

Program Overview:

Whether it is a token of gratitude for your employee’s hard work or simply a way to connect them to an exclusive network of other area professionals, the ChooseMKE program exposes an employee cohort to all that Milwaukee has to offer through social and vibrant experiences. The ChooseMKE program begins and culminates with an engagement survey that assesses the attachment your employees have to the city and the company. Based on the cohorts interests, a curated series of programs are developed around existing or custom NEWaukee events. At each program, the employee cohort receives a private invitation and a VIP experience that gives them access to something otherwise inaccessible to the general event attendee.

The frequency of programs and the exclusivity of those experiences is determined by the employer, but a sample quarterly schedule could include:

The Eatery

Description: A free community dinner party with a 200-foot table in an obscure location featuring live music and food trucks.
Attendance: 400
Photos: 2018 | 2017

Milwaukee Tour (For Milwaukeeans)
presented with Urban Milwaukee

Description: An in-depth bus tour and exploration of culture, history, and texture in Milwaukee neighborhoods.
Attendance: 40 per event
Photos: 2017 | 2016

Night Market

Description: A free, open-air market that offers a wide variety of experiences for people of all backgrounds and ages.
Attendance: 40,000+
Photos: 2018 | 2017 | 2016
Videos: 2018 | 2015

7 Bridges BBQ

Description: A progressive dinner and music event on the Seven Bridges trail within Grant Park.
Attendance: 300
Photos: 2017

Investment: The ChooseMKE Program is based on the number of experiences selected and the number of employees invited into the cohort. This investment covers the cost of the surveys, customized invitations, event logistics and promotional efforts. To see a full list of programs, please contact or call 414-273-1386.

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