Work for NKE

What is it like to work for NEWaukee?

NEWaukee’s Values

  1. Have purpose in everything you do
  2. Always challenge the status quo
  3. Replace the unknown with curiosity
  4. Have an open-mind
  5. Drive and embrace change
  6. Coach, mentor and provide advice – not criticism  
  7. If you’re not passionate about what you are doing, do something else
  8. Inspire and empower yourself and the people around you
  9. Friends work better together because they are more honest with each other
  10. Everyone must do the dirty work too

How We Work
— Team Crush Sessions: The entire team works together on a project at an offsite location to fast track decisions
— We are all best friends so there is complete honesty in our communication with each other
— We get over things fast
— We work hard, we have a lot of free form space but it is never abused because everyone has autonomy
— Design sprints: A free form space for you to present your ideas to drive change
— Weekly collaborative design and/or production sessions
— Failure is accepted if opportunity is seized
— We take risks. Lots of them. Failure is accepted.
— We are humble
— We are sarcastic
— We hate cliches – try not to use them
— We will never say ‘we have always done it this way’ and not expect it to be challenged

What Do Full-Time NEWaukee Employees Get:
— 100% paid health care
— Competitive pay: Seriously what does this even mean?
— Flexible-work schedule blah blah blah
— Yes, we have adult beverages. Who really wants to enjoy them in the office? Get outside support local business.
— Open or closed work space. Do you really want to be in the office anyway?
— We don’t have a gym, however there are 5+ around our office. We heard they look nice.
— We don’t have free food. Again, we really want you to get out of the office and support local businesses.

What Do Full-Time NEWaukee Employees Really Get:
— Complete autonomy to create your own project and have it funded
— Unlimited vacation
— Annual paid sabbatical for professional and personal development
— Call into work well days: You feel too good to come in today, we have all been there. It’s the first warm day, there is a Brewer’s day game and then you fake a cough. No need to fake with NEWaukee.
— Annual company trip to a different city each year
— Monthly off site Friday excursions: Once a month the entire team becomes a tourist in their own state
— Your opinion always matters and you can bring any idea to the table
— There are always new projects to work on
— Work off site, work on site whatevsssss
— Team happy hours
— Go out and meet someone. NEWaukee will pay for your networking events and any other events that contribute to you building a network and finding mentorship
— Connections to your future career with another company, or you can spend your life with us. Insert evil laugh here ha ha. Look, we know NEWaukee might be your first, second or maybe even your last job. NEWaukee doesn’t believe in the question ‘what is your 5 year plan? Someone 1,000 years ago must have said “you can judge someone, by asking them what their 5 year plan is.” The fact is the world changes. 88% of Fortune 500 companies from 1955 don’t exist. I am sure they all had 5 year plans. They probably got stuck too much in their plans and didn’t allow space to adapt and innovate because of their master plan. As long as you have a set of values and a mission, the next 5 years can take you in many directions. We believe in 100 day plans with a long-term set of guiding values.

—  Finally, and most importantly, working with us provides you the ability to make real change in our company, for our clients, for our city, for our state and beyond.

We understand that not everyone will fit into this culture. Please understand we don’t really care what is on your resume. We can train anyone. We look for people with purpose and passion and at the end of the day, culture is first – everything else comes second.