Hey Noah!


Hey Noah

NEWaukeeans have questions. I’ve got answers. All you have to do is ask! I’ve been a professional speaker for nearly ten years. I’ve been asked thousands of questions at my seminars.

Questions like…

Hey Noah, my company won’t buy me a laptop and I know I’d be way more productive if I had one. So how can I convince them to give me one?”

Hey Noah, the idea of going to networking events scares me. Any tips?”

Hey Noah, what do you use in your hair to make it look so good?”

Hey Noah, how do I know when it’s time to start looking for a new job?”

Hey Noah, I’ve sent my resume to every company in my dream industry and I’m not getting any interviews. Any tips for first-time job seekers?”

Hey Noah, what’s the best way to ask my boss for a raise?”

Hey Noah, I don’t want to come off as “salesy” when I try to upsell a customer with add-ons or accessories. Is there a way to ask for more business without seeming slimy or desperate?”

Hey Noah, what’s the best way to get someone to call you back?”

No matter what you ask, I’ll answer it. Just keep in mind this ain’t Dear Abby, so spare me the questions about your evil mother-in-law.

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