2018 Bubbler Award Winners


2018 Bubbler Award Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2018 Bubbler Awards. After careful consideration and deliberation, these ten companies are considered to be the best places for young professionals to work in Wisconsin. Keep up the great work in welcoming new recruits to your teams.

Eppstein Uhen Architects– Milwaukee

Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA), focuses on communication throughout their office spaces in order to create a community within the company. They encourage creativity and brainstorming in their ‘hack’ project days, and work in an open floor plan which allows the office to interact easily with each other. Based in the Third Ward, the company also includes a bike and company car at the office for people to use for work transportation. Not to mention the company institutes summer hours during the four warmest months of the year.

Forward Bank– Marshfield

From employee ‘fun’ committees to raising up to $1.2 million and donating roughly 20,000 to charity, Forward Bank knows how to make a workplace a close environment that YP’s would want to become a part of. A heart-warming benefit includes their “Pay it Forward” act. Here co-workers build up a fund through payroll deduction and fundraising so that there is a security fund which other co-workers can apply to during an emergency. This way the company looks out for each other. Not to mention, the majority of tuition is covered while employees continue their education.

GMR Marketing– Brookfield

GMR knows how to keep their employees healthy and happy. The company offers onsite yoga and gym classes, after work happy hours and before work breakfasts with the boss. And they offer multiple opportunities to better advance your skills and knowledge, including tuition reimbursement if you are furthering your degree while working with them. Not to be too cheesy, but the list of ways the company cares about its employees is endless.

Greenheck– Wausau

What the heck is Greenheck? A fan company that you should be a fan of. All puns aside this place strives to make their employees better people. The office has a clinic center on site for their employees including labs and a pharmacy. Weekly lessons for interns and co-ops occur to train the students on interview skills, resume building and more. Not to mention a nice three weeks of vacation offered to employees upon hiring.

 Johnsonville– Sheboygan Falls

At Johnsonville, people are not employees, they’re members subscribed to The Johnsonville Way. Members enjoy a Young Professionals Group, used to plan events and YP projects. They also enjoy brainstorming groups on how to better the company, such as their ideaville, and bonuses delivered from day one based on their performance. And you can bet there may be a few cookouts with Johnsonville products on the grill while you’re working there.

Northwestern Mutual– Milwaukee

If you have never heard of Northwestern Mutual, you may be living under a rock, but if you every wondered what it’s like working at NM the answer is pretty great. The company cares about its community, both the community inside its doors, and the one that it lives in. Millions of dollars have been donated by the company and thousands of hours have been donated by the employees. Workers receive memberships to online classes that will help improve their skills in any subject from graphic design to technology. Not to mention employee collaboration events such as group hack-a-thons to help build employee ideas.

Penrod– Milwaukee

With unlimited paid vacation days and a minimum of 5 required to be taken each quarter, Penrod knows how to catch a YP’s eye. Whats more important however, is that they encourage this time off to help insure that employees are healthy mentally and physically and have more to their life than the office space. As another little bonus, all insurance is included, plus the company pays for parking or transportation prices, which most people living in Milwaukee know can increase dramatically. Lets also not forget a very important pro: the office is dog friendly. Don’t be afraid to bring your best friend to work.

 Sargento Food Inc.– Plymouth

A family that eats cheese together, stays together. Which is why Sargento has a fantastic work family just waiting to adopt you. The company has regular brainstorming meetings to come up with both small and large scale ideas to better the company, a fully functioning health and wellness center which includes nurses, physical therapists, financial advisers and more. Lastly, let the office will take some chores off of your to-do list by picking up your dry-cleaning, get your oil changed, or drop off your mail, just as a family member would..hopefully.

Skyward Inc.– Stevens Point

Skyward is a programming company that knows how to create a successful business code. On top of fantastic benefits, the company also provides onsite lunch providers, an onsite clinic, and a wellness programer who offers healthy recipes, workout regimes and other health tips for its employees. Coworkers also have multiple platforms to contact and brainstorm with each other. Finally, it is the hope that each employee turns into a Skyward Ambassador once out in public, and it seems that it would be hard not to support them.

Wisenet– Fond du Lac

At Wisenet, the term ‘no vacation policy’ sounds terrifying, but is actually quite liberating. There is no need to count the days and hours you were out of the office. Get the work done that needs to be done, then feel free to hit the road, or have a mental health day at home. The idea of everyone being a company owner, without paying the owner investment is important to Wisenet as well. No one should feel uncertain to bring up an idea that they want to see the company pursue. Lastly with a small group of employees, Wisenet coworkers create some deep bonds and loyalties to each other, from helping with medical bills to going out to fish fries as a team, Wisenet employees care about each person’s lives inside and outside of the office.

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